EDTECH 522 Module 6 Reflection Post

Currently, as a Curriculum Technology Integrator, I work with emerging technologies, instructional design, engagement, policy, and etc.  I started the M.E.T. program at Boise State to supplement my current position.  As I started taking classes, I realized there were many different avenues I could take with my career. This course reinforced the career path I would like to take is Web-based instructional design (WBID).

While I had completed five sample modules in Moodle for EDTECH 512, this course gave me a chance to build on the skills I learned last summer. I enjoyed setting up my course based on what I already knew and then taking it to the next level. I learned more about providing correct attribution for images I find licensed under Creative Commons. I narrowed the focus of my module to make it more appealing and simple for my students. I learned about creating groups and how students can self-enroll in those groups by providing feedback to one of my peers during a discussion forum.

The most significant learning experience I had during the course was creating a Rich Media Tutorial. The skills I learned about recording myself (lightning, storyboards, etc.), using audio settings, and video editing software are incredibly useful in my current position. I have already created two professional development videos for the teachers I support.  I was just given four weeks to create a new promotional video for one of my elementary schools. I am so excited because I now have the skills to make a more professional video. I found a sample video on YouTube that my site Principal liked and was able to tell her, “Yes, I can do that” with total confidence.

Thank you Dr. Ching for your support and guidance. I thoroughly enjoyed this course! The discussion forums and peer feedback opportunities really helped me grow as a student and professional!


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