EDTECH 522 Module 5 Reflection

EDTECH 522 Module 5 Blog Assignment

While this assignment took a long time to complete, I enjoyed all of the time I spent working on it! I absolutely enjoy creating courses in Moodle because it is so challenging to think about how another person might see the course. You can do hours and hours of work and still miss something small that would be beneficial to someone else. It is surprising how much work goes into creating courses!

Surprisingly the most difficult part of the assignment was focusing the direction of my course settings. There are so many options; I could play around for hours in Moodle!  Once I decided upon the direction of the course, creating the content was simple. The content I created is something I can actually use in my current position.

The variety of settings and options in Moodle not only caused me to spend hours figuring out the direction of my course, but also took a lot of time to figure out. I watched YouTube videos, did Google searches for tutorials and looked at the courses created by my peers for suggestions. I was having a terrible time with tables on the syllabus page of my course. No matter how much HTML code I changed, the tables kept aligning right next to each other. I took a look at the EDTECH 522 syllabus and decided putting my syllabus back into Word, creating a PDF and uploading it would be the better way to go. I like it even better than the original page!

All of this work makes you realize there is a need for course designers because it would take so much time away from instruction if professors have to focus on setting up courses from scratch!

The most rewarding part of this experience is that I am going to take my course to my weekly data team meeting and show it off. I was able to get IT to set up a Moodle server for our district this year. I’m going to use this course to demonstrate how Moodle works. Another reward of building my course was adding the interactive tutorials and seeing that they appear within Moodle. It was a great way to add interactivity to the course.


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