EDTECH 522 Module 4 Reflection

The project for Module 4 was one of my favorite assignments during my two years in the MET program at Boise State. I learned so much that is applicable to my current position and to the positions I would like to have in the future.  Here is a snapshot of the project:

  • The topic, title and object(s) of your presentation
  • The topic of my video is tips to save Online instructors time during their courses. The title is “3 Time Saving Tips for Online Instructors”. The object of my presentation was to take feedback from actual online students, combine it with ideas from our text in order to present it to an audience of online instructors.
  • The software you used
  • I used a free trial of Camtasia, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Blue MIcrophone audio software.
  • The URL of the presentation before peer revisions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnqawLtiMwk
  • The URL of the presentation AFTER revisions based on peer suggestions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-HKYXvSu8M
  • Two short paragraphs to share your creation process and reflection. Here are the guiding questions to help you write the paragraphs:Paragraph 1: How did you create this tutorial? What software did you use? What media did you use? What instructional design principles did you use? What multimedia design and development principles did you use? What skills did you use (storyboarding, movie editing, public speaking, etc) in creating the tutorial?
  • I created this tutorial by interviewing some students for feedback. I took the ideas and shrunk them down to 3. Then I chose my software and watched all the video tutorials on using it. I used the storyboard provided in the tutorials to write my storyboard.  I used PowerPoint to create my heading and subheading slides, Flickr Creative Commons images, and some background music from FreeMusicDownloads. I focused my project on three topics. I stayed consistent with the theme. I used typed text for longer quotations.  I gave a video overview of the presentation, described the contents, presented the content, focusing attention with zooming,  provided multiple examples and summarized the tips at the end of the video. I used all of the above mentioned skills: storyboarding, movie editing, public speaking, lighting, and high quality audio recording.

            Paragraph 2: What have you learned from the process? How can you use this learning in your current or future work?
Don’t put a picture with glass behind you when using PhotoBooth! Creating high quality video tutorials is very time-consuming, but I love it!  I can use Camtasia for SOOOO many things now!  I create videos all the time, but I needed to take them to a new level. Now I can create higher quality videos and when I hopefully interview

for a new position, I will have something to show off!  I still have a lot to learn and play with, but I had a great time!

One of my favorite assignments ever!



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