EDTECH 522 Module 3 Reflection

Module 3 Reflection
Wednesday, October 9 – 2013

1. Reflect on the week’s readings and online learning tool assignment. Your entry should consist of such things as: points you found particularly interesting, your reactions to what you read, questions that came up as you read and did your assignment, relationships to other things you have learned, your personal judgment of the material and/or assignment, or things you would like to remember.
Interesting Points

I enjoyed reading chapter six as it caused me to reflect upon the last two years of my online learning. Each section raised key points in online learning. Organizing and dividing up materials is one of the main concerns when building an online classroom is course/material organization as poorly organized materials and course modules create confusion for students and more work for instructors. Pacing is another major concern when building an online classroom. Well-Constructed courses plan assignments carefully. If a university expects online students to spend 8 hours of work per week per course, the course should be set up accordingly or risk high student failure rates. I felt as if chapter six presented a well-informed layout for all requirements of online courses. I imagine referring to this section frequently if I am able to change careers to web-based design this coming year.

Chapter seven covered many important activities instructors can use when building courses. I also see this as an important chapter to keep handy! The information on group work is especially important as groups require more work than just assigning students. The information about copyright covered in chapter eight is the most comprehensive I have seen in all of my time researching copyright fork school and work. I still found the laws to be somewhat confusing, but I feel like I have more information to being back to my students and faculty in my current position. Chapter none was a lot of fun to read as many of the tools I currently use, some of them I have heard of, but never used! and others were new to me. The Guide to Resources found at the back of the book is a great list to keep on hand when looking for course resources.

I enjoyed reviewing Padlet as part of this modules assignment. I gained a greater knowledge of the tool and actually used it in a professional development session last week. Teachers were excited about using it in their classrooms after the session. I hope my review of Padlet will encourage my peers to model it for their personnel and eventually reach students in the classroom as well.

I feel the assignments in this module provided I depth background on what should be included in online courses and best practices for using web-based tools to construct an engaging course. I look forward to using what I learned in this module to revise the course I built last summer in EDTECH 521. I would like to open up my course “Google Earth for the Classroom” to my staff in January.


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