EDTECH 505: Evaluation for Educational Technologists

EDTECH 505: Evaluation for Educational Technologists (Fall 2012: A+)

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WELCOME TO Evaluation for Educational Technologists
Procedures for evaluating educational programs, training systems, and emergent-technology

Instructor: John T. Thompson, Ph.D.
Office Hours: As needed.
Skype: john.thompson62
Email: johnthompson1@boisestate.edu
Phone: 716-860-0341 cellphone (Eastern Time – two hours ahead; 4pm in Boise is 6pm in

Course Syllabus: EDTECH505-417241734174fall2012

Course text:
Title: The ABCs of Evaluation: Timeless Techniques for Program and Project Managers (3rd edition)
Authors: John Boulmetis, Phyllis Dutwin
Date: 2011
Publisher: Jossy-Bass
ISBN: 978-0-470-87354-0

Course Objectives:
The goals of this course are for students to learn important concepts and practices in the field
of evaluation including: management, models, data sources, analysis, and reporting results. The
unofficial version of these is to empower you to become a consumer of research, and give you
the tools to skillfully evaluate educational materials. Why the emphasis on evaluation research?
Program evaluation is the single area of research application that most links researchers to
practitioners. Program evaluation investigates the effectiveness or impact of interventions and
social programs. One engages in program evaluation research to learn which aspects of a
program are working and which are not. This is a pivotal course in your degree program. You
will learn the process of planning evaluation research, design data collection instruments, and
analyze data. These skills are critical if you write grants, a thesis, dissertation, or article for
publication in an educational research journal. They are also critical if you are in the position of
evaluating the effectiveness of instructional practice, programs, software, curriculum, etc.
Teachers, principals, program evaluators, instructional designers, district technology
coordinators, and consultants are a few examples of people who might require these skills

Course Projects:

Final Project:

To Download Project: Ginger Hunt Final EDTECH 505 Project

To View on Scribd: FinalPDF EDTECH 505 Final Paper

To View on Flipsnack: http://snack.to/fzksg8ai


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