Why (And How) Teachers Should Start Using iTunes U – Edudemic

Fred Sitkins explores some of the benefits of using what iTunes U has to offer schools, teachers, and administrators.

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How Google Apps For Education Can Be Used In Your Classroom – TeachThought

Like Apple and Microsoft, Google also wants a place in your classroom.

Google Apps for Education is a free suite of cloud-based tools created by Google to use in your classroom. You probably knew that part, and likely have a vague awareness of what’s available (Google Drive, Google Form, etc.) But Sylvia Duckworth has gone a step further, giving you an extended metaphor (a train), a graphic (with color), and a brief description of each “stop” of the Google Apps for Education train.

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Book Creator and the SAMR model – Book Creator app | Blog

For the purpose of offering a reliable cadre of apps that teachers can plan around instructionally, Waukesha One offers all students and staff a set of apps called the Core Apps.

In selecting these apps, the team looked for apps that integrate well with Google Apps for Education, are flexible and not content/subject specific, promote thinking and doing aimed at the highest levels of Bloom’s, are easy to use, and can output easily for publication to the world.

Book Creator fit all of those descriptors, was stable and reliable, and set the stage for teachers and students to do many different things with it once they became comfortable with the tool.

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Resourceful YouTube Channels for Teachers and Educators – EdTechReview™ (ETR)

How do you look for educational videos for your classroom? I guess most of us just Google with the keyword and do little research to find out the appropriate video. However, your work will become little easier if you know some of the amazing YouTube channels.

Here is a big categorized list of YouTube channels that provide quality educational videos regularly.

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EdTechTeam: The How (and Why) It’s Time to Create Digital Portfolios

Digital Student Portfolios are becoming more important now than ever! Students are creating and remixing information like never before – and where is all that amazing work going? At my old school it was wiped off the devices at the end of the year – a heart-wrenching idea that I was personally against. This is why we need to publish student work in one place and let it serve as a home of student reflection, and a become a destination to unleash student pride and curiosity.

There are many reasons to begin the journey to digital portfolios – here are just a few.

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