District Evaluation

This assignment asked me to give a pseudonym for the name of my school district, use the Maturity Model Benchmarks rubric as a guide, analyze the Technological Maturity of my educational institution, and to complete the Maturity Model Benchmark Survey Sheet.

I am a Curriculum Technology Integrator for the Catalina Mountain School District. In my position I work at two elementary schools and at the district level; for this assignment I evaluated the district technology environment. I found this assignment to be very eye-opening. For example, student demographics surprised me. While 48% of our students list Spanish as their home language, the district reports only 14% of the student population is Hispanic. The overall technology environment at CMSD rates intelligent; mostly due to funds the district has to implement technology and support. This evaluation details exactly how we support our technology environment and why it rates intelligent.

This is a link to the full-size School District Survey: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AmtA9dzQ49ZXdEdSMEx3aVRQaGh1UXpNUzhoZFM4U0E&output=html


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