RSS for Education

Link to RSS Bundle on Technology in Elementary Schools:

Using an RSS Feed in an Elementary School Classroom:

RSS feeds can be widely used in elementary schools. At my elementary schools, all students have gmail accounts. Students in grades 3-5 are able to use Google Reader and collect feeds on different topics as they do research. In the following paragraphs I outline an ongoing classroom project and how RSS Feeds could enhance the research, taking it to a higher level.

I am currently working with a 3rd grade classroom researching bullying in their school. Students are using their gmail accounts to build a website on bullying. The classroom has been divided up into 5 groups. Each group has their own name, webpage and task. The Data Diggers group gave a bullying survey to students at the school, collected survey results, turned them into graphs, finally posting the graphs to their webpage. The Helping Hands group gave a survey and used the results to create a webpage with advice on how to deal with bullying. The Marvelous Marketeers created posters to help prevent bullying. The Riveting Researchers collected information from books and magazines to help students learn about bullying.

While each group was initially researching their topic, they could have been adding the websites they used to an RSS feed. After finishing their webpages they could add a link to the feed on their sidebar. This would help their website stay up-to-date. It would also allow other students in the school to subscribe to the feeds to find out more about bullying, what they can do to prevent it or deal with it. I would have added the RSS feed as an option for students to receive a 4 (above the project requirements) on their grading rubric.

Here is a link to a sample bundle on bullying:


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