Horizon Report Tech Trend

I chose this lesson plan because this is an important topic for students to learn. I also really enjoy teaching this lesson. However, I felt I could reach more students by adding a mobile app and an iPad.

The technology in this lesson is important because it connects what students are learning to their real worlds (iPads and apps), creating a high level of student engagement. This lesson also focuses more on student-use of technology rather than teacher-use.

Overview of lesson:
First, students learn about the similarities of staying safe in the real world and when visiting websites. Next, they learn about the website traffic light using a SMART Board and complete an activity where they match statements about websites to the correct safety level of the site. Then they play an interactive game/quiz using an app and consider how to determine which websites are just right for them.

This lesson meets the following AECT Standards:
1.3 Instructional Strategies (The sequencing of activities builds on student knowledge.)
1.4 Learner Characteristics (The technology in the lesson takes into consideration the tech background of the students to create a higher level of engagement.)
2.2 Audiovisual Technologies (SMART Board/Projector)
2.3 Computer-Based Technologies (SMART Board/Notebook application)
2.4 Integrated Technologies (The SMART Board, the iPad and the app worked well throughout the lesson)
3.4 Policies and Regulations: (The new technology plan for our district requires the infusion of technology into the core content including Digital Citizenship).
4.3 Delivery System Management (The SMART Board delivered the descriptions of the traffic light and the iPad delivered the quiz!)


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