Digital Inequality Task Force


This assignment brought out a lot of different feelings for me. It is an interesting topic, one gaining a lot of momentum around the nation. Collaborating with others across the nation was fun, entertaining, and frustrating all at the same time. In my position as a tech integrator I have learned to let others take the lead and fall into the support role to give teachers what they need to teach a lesson. I feel it came in useful for this assignment as we had a few strong personalities wanting to lead the group. I enjoyed being able to support technology wise where needed to keep our project on track as well as taking an active role in getting the work done. The best part of the assignment directions was to give group members 2 days to log in and do work. This gave team members time to work around their schedules without being worried they were not participating. It also allowed us to work with different members on a daily basis. I would log in and find work done by Afton. The next day I would find Michael working at the same time and chat with him to focus the project. Dianne and I were able to use Google Voice to wrap up the project. All in all it was a great learning experience!


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